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2 years ago



High purity iron

Pure Iron is the purest form of commercial iron, even more pure compared to the old wrought iron product that our ancestors used. Many wrought iron products have been substituted with mild steel, but to satisfy the need for high malleability, ductility and Weldability, Pure iron was developed. Wrought iron, a very early material, contained high degrees of slag, whereas today�s Pure Iron costs nothing from slag, thus increasing its malleability and ductility. The brand new form of wrought iron which is modern pure iron.
Eupureiron, an organization with offices in Hong Kong as well as the UK, We are specialists in pure iron, supplying for the worldwide market
The Shapes of pure iron that we supplying: pure iron profile, pure iron rod, pure iron billets, and pure iron bar (wrought iron bar).
We supply high purity iron in numerous grades and forms, from first-class sources.
To find out more please visit us at WWW.EUPUREIRON.COM

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